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Thread: Moved>>> Using qxdm and qpst to flash blackberries HOWTO

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    Default Moved>>> Using qxdm and qpst to flash blackberries HOWTO

    There is some information in this tutorial that I did on my own but there is some in this write up taken from various places throughout the WWW

    it took some hard work to figure out but like anything when you figure it out its cake

    First you will want to call cricket and get settings

    Obviously your going to know your phone number the settings you will need to input are in the NAM to access you need to use this code ##000000

    mobile directory number is your phone number
    imsi_s: <--- you will have to ask for this number
    home sid: <--- ask for this as well for your local sid to your area

    your sip user id is your mobile directory number 10 digits

    sip password is cricket
    mip user is your imsi_s number

    now whether you need to change the values of sip and mip i am unsure but it wont hurt b/c they are changed on my phone and my data is working fine

    you will need two files once you have the above info saved to your phone

    prl file to flash to cricket service
    and a service books file that will have an extension of .ipd

    software you will need qpst, qxdm, and blackberry desktop manager.

    after you have input the values into the NAM settings and saved i would upload the prl file to the phone this will allow for basic text msging and voice dialing and calls to verify successful you simply dial 611 and see if you are routed to cricket

    to send the prl to the phone prl stand for preferred roaming list you can obtain a cricket prl file here

    you will want a cricket evdo file i would choose the latest version there my version is 38899 dunno where i found it but im sure one of the files off that site would do.

    to send the prl on the phone you have to first load blackberry desktop will also need to load qpst i had to to initialize the device driver i did not use qpst to upload the prl as i heard its better to use qxdm for qpst while you have the blackberry plugged via usb into the computer and blackberry desktop manager running as well load the qpst will want ot go to device manager on your windows box and find out the largest number com port that is relayed to you in windows tha the blackberry is connected on for me it was com port 7 as i had 6 and 7 indicating blackberry com port always choose the highest here and add the port once this is added you can close out of configuration and go to service programming,,, choose surf6300-bb...the bb stands for read from phone....if you get a successful read then you know everything is jiving right...if not try to get all things situated as far as device settings and drivers everything should just work though if you installed blackberry desktop manager first and have it running as i already indicated. oh also it is important to note that verizon's code is six zeros 000000 if you have a sprint BB then you have to find the device code google it. I researched before i bought and went with buying a verizon so i could skip this step as verizon is always 6 zeros

    in qpst make sure in the cdma cdma2 system and roam tabs all have the correct data mainly directory number your phone number and the imsi_i number that you got earlier from cricket.....see there is a reason i told you to call and get this info first. if the info isnt there input it and click the write to phone button. you should now be done with qpst software....but leave it running

    next you will load qxdm...below is a cut and paste of howto from the internet...and what i followed to put the prl on the verify the write of the prl do #4357* + Send on the phone scroll down and it will have the prl version

    To load PRL to blackbery

    you need QXDM 2.08 is the best version

    copy your prl to c drive i repeat c drive

    connect your phone with desktop manager. I will show you the device connected and also the esn of your phone too on the bottom sceen of the desktop manager.

    open qxdm (leave the desktop manager open) go to communication(under one of the menu) and choose the comport that your phone connected on.

    use the following command line:

    type mode offline-d and then press enter

    type spc "your6digitsMSL" and then press enter

    type pr_list_wr 0 "C:\thenameofyourprl.prl" and then press enter

    if you want to reset your spc to 000000 (this is for sprint or any phone that the spc are not 0)

    type nv_write sec_code {"000000"} and then press enter

    type "mode reset" and then press enter to reset the phone and you are done loading prl.

    Unplug your phone and make a test call once your phone reboots back up and dial 611 and see if you get cricket....

    Next is the putting of the service books on the phone to do this just use desktop manager some say you have to use crackutil program but its not needed at all and the method they say to use you dont have to do it this way..

    the easier way is just use desktop manager

    you can download the cricket.ipd from moile-files forum some people have posted it publically on there they will say you need to buy from tony but no need as the one posted works fine.....the big big thing that screwed this up for me in figuring it out fast is i put in direct tcp settings in advanced if you have anything in there DELETE IT ALL OUT TO BLANK i wasted so much time b/c of that crap

    to upload the ipd from desktop manager go to backup and restore and then advanced and then file and browse to teh cricket.ipd file before sending the file over though go to on the phone SETTINGS; ADVANCED OPTIONS; SERVICE BOOK;,,,,,, then do hold alt sbeb to enable legacy and click ok then send the service books cricket.ipd file over to the device once done you should see multiple services like 8 or 9 loaded on the phone

    exit back to the main apps menu and you should see a web browser open the web browser and enjoy all should be working if you followed my choppy long quickly written and not planned tutorial i just wrote

    hopes this helps the masses
    knowledge should be FREE by the way so share it!!!!!

    my next big thing is getting 3rd party apps to work like facebook app and im+ app working on crickets service.....i have had little luck thus far so if anyone can shed some light on this please do
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